Monday, April 9, 2012

English to Arabic Translation

Today we have finished the development of a big web portal for Boubyan Bank in Kuwait. My role after development was to translate the contents, labels, bundles, and plugins to Arabic Language, since I am a native Arabian, and the bank is located in Kuwait state.

The translation of business keywords and vocabularies, is not the same as it is appear in dictionaries, or as it considered to be.

Here I would like to share some translations for some keywords:

"Charity Payments", for example, it is verbal translation is دفعات خيرية , but , as a best practice, you must translate the word conceptually; you can use other Arabian word or vocabulary to translate a combination of two English words. In our example, we can translate "Charity Payments" to التبرعات, instead of دفعات خيرية.

Arabic language is rich and ancient language, and contains a lot of words and meanings that can be used smartly to translate any other language.

Another example that could illustrate the conceptual transaction, is a sentence that I hear it once in one of the movies; "He have gun" . If you try to translate this sentence on Google translator for example, you will get a verbal translation, that could be misleading or confusing. The verbal translation for the above sentence is "لديه بندقية" . Although the above translation is correct, but we can translate in more beautiful and efficient way.

The above sentence give the meaning that he is an armed person, and so, we can translate the sentence to be "إنه مسلح".

The above two examples, are simple illustration of how to use the conceptual translating method to translate to Arabic language, to get the exact meaning of the keyword, or the text.

One last word, to get the best translation, you need to be a good reader for the destination language; in our case, Arabic language, because reading is the way to discover more new vocabularies and keywords.