Friday, April 27, 2012

Download YouTube videos on Ubuntu Linux

Using Ubuntu, you can download any streaming movie from the Internet using youtube-dl utility. Downloading streaming movies on Ubuntu Linux is easy as much as downloading the youtube-dl utility.

Following is a screen shots of how can you download any streaming movie from the net.

1. Open your terminal window; Ctrl+Alt+T, and type the following command as it is appear in the terminal screen shot. sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

2. Make sure than you have the latest update of the youtube-dl utility. Type sudo youtube-dl -U

3. For example, suppose that you want to download some song from you tube. Go to your desired movie, and copy the URL

4. On the terminal, type youtube-dl and paste the URL of your video after youtube-dl keyword.

5. When the download finish, you will see the word [Destination]: movie.flv at your terminal. Type ls to check the contents of the download folder; you can see your movie listed.

6. Enjoy your movie.