Monday, December 23, 2013

Wonders of Dubai

Wonders of Dubai

Dubai was a good and strong candidate to host such a great exhibition like Expo. Why Dubai? Dubai have the needed and excellent infrastructure ready to host Expo and the millions of people expected to visit Dubai to attend Expo. UAE as a whole and Dubai specially is a well-organized territory with a robust and clear constitutions and regulating law, good telecommunication infrastructure, good road map, international hotels and resorts, and wonderful places to visit and to enjoy both for adults and children.
Dubai is an amazing place to visit and to enjoy the wonders of this city, both for adults and children. In Dubai, you will find a various and amazing places with a great diversity which draw a mosaic picture of entertainments.
Following are some of the great places to visit in Dubai, some of them are unique and you would not find such thing in any other place in the world.

Children City
It is the wonderland dedicated for children; suitable for age 2 to15. Children will absolutely love Children’s City as there is many entertainment, learning, adventures, and many things to do. Children’s City is the first children’s education centre in the UAE and it contains an unimaginable amount of wonders like a Nature Center, International Culture Center, Workshop Area, Toddlers Area, Space Exploration Area, Planetarium Area, Computer & Communication Center, Play Area, Theatre and much, much more.
When you finish exploring Children’s City, which would take most the day, you can then take an extremely short walk to the Dubai Dolphinarium where some great adventure your children will experience. At Dubai Dolphinarium you can watch the latest and greatest in dolphin tricks.

After you finish Dubai Dolphinarium, you could then take another short visit to the parks cable cars where you can see Dubai from the sky. Wonderland is also attached to Dubai Creek Park. 

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai is the single first indoor ski slope of this type in the UAE and Middle East, and it is the first in world of its kind in such skying on snow in the middle of Arab deserts. Ski Dubai provides you with a fantastic real snow setting that allows people to go tobogganing, snowboarding and skiing in.
Apart from the incredible Ski Dubai, you can also go into the snow park where you can build a snowman, have a snow fight and do just about anything else you can think of. When visiting Ski Dubai, to go skiing you must be of a certain age, with the snow park there are no age restrictions.
Once you get to Ski Dubai, there are a total of three different activities, skiing and the snow park as mentioned above. The third activity is a penguin visit where you can go, play with, and have photos taken with real breathing penguins! After a good bit of fun in the snow, you can then take a browse around the Mall of the Emirates which only shortly had its title taken away from it as the biggest mall in the world, so you shouldn’t run out of things to do in the mall.

Desert Safari
Desert Safari is a great experience for the whole family to have some fun, providing you don’t get car sick. You will either get picked up from your home or hotel, or be asked to meet somewhere in the desert. Once you have met up, you will then begin a crazy drive up and down the dunes of Dubai while at tipping point.

After your crazy desert safari, depending on your package, you will either be taken to your accommodation/car, or you will go back to a camp site where live entertainment and dinner in the desert awaits you and your friends or family.
For me, it is the greatest experience I ever have. It is like skiing the car on a wave of desert sands, following are some of photos for my safari trip.
Apart from this, you can experience Camel driving, enjoy Emirati food, and various kind of barbecue, and you can enjoy the stars at desert, it’s something unimaginable, and cannot be described.