Thursday, January 2, 2014

Emirate Palace

Yesterday, I went and my friend to see Emirate Palace in Abu Dhabi, it is a 5 stars Hotel, with a stay at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi, The palace is located near the bay and convenient to Open Beach and Marina Mall.

But you have to dig deep into your pocket to spend one night at such marvelous place. When you first enter the palace, you will be surprised with the wonderful structure for such Hotel, even the dress of the waiters is unique, and it is inspired by the Arabic traditions and dress.

Side View


The palace was architecture was inspired by the old Arabic style buildings. With large dome, this contains wonderful drawings inside.

I could not enter inside the rooms for sure, because it is not allowed for visitors, although you can visit every single corner inside the palace.

I leave you with my camera shots for such great place, hope you would like it.

Abu Dhabi Towers

Streets inside the Palace
Car Garage Entrance

Water Fountain

Marina Tower
Dates trees

Main Entrance

Waterfall at Entrance Stairs

Hotel Lobby

Panaroma Photo for the lobby passage


Hotel Floors



Panaroma Photo for the Lobby

The long passage

Some wonderful peaces
View from the first floor
Lobby from the first floor

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