Friday, January 31, 2014

Using ser word in Spanish, which means to be

In the previous post in Spanishlanguage, we learned how to conjugate verbs. In this post will learn how to conjugate the verb ser in Spanish. ser means to be in English, and have several forms of conjugation like other verbs in Spanish language.

1.    Conjugation “ser”.
Ser verb is not following the standardrules of conjugation we have learned before. As you know, in English, to be can be conjugated like following; am, is, are, was, where, etc.

 The following table shows the form of conjugation “ser”, column ser forms shows the forms that ser could be changed to

Spanish Word
English Meaning
Ser Forms
Yo soy
I am
tú eres
You are
Él, ella o usted es
He or she is, or you are
Nosotros somos
We are
Ellos, ellas o ustedes son
They or you all are

2.    How to say “and” in Spanish
To say “and” in Spanish you use the letter “y”, which pronounced “e”.For example:
 él es guapo y fuerte, it means, he is handsome and strong.

The letter y must be changed to e, if the following word starts with i or hi. For example:
Ella es bonita e intelgiente , it means, she is pretty and smart.

3.    When to use “ser”
Ser is generally used for permanent or relatively stable conditions, like nationalities, origins, physical characteristics, etc.

The following table contains some examples that illustrate the above rule.

Spanish Word
English Meaning
Riccardo y Carlos son mexicanos
Ricardo and Carlos are Mexican
Soy de Jordania
I am from Jordan
La casa es de madera
The house is wood
eres doctor
You are a doctor
Elena es alta, bonita, y muy inteligente
Elena is tall, pretty, and very smart

4.    Negating sentences in Spanish
To negate a sentence in Spanish, just add no before the verb, for example:
La casa es grande >>> The home is large

To negate this sentence, add no before the verb es grande.

La casa no es grande >>> The home is not large