Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ser or Estar

In this post I will tell you about the difference between Ser and Estar, and when to use each of them in Spanish language.

I have covered the usage of Estar in Using ser wordin Spanish Post. Estar and Ser words both means to be in English language, but they are used in different situations. The following table illustrates the differences when to use Ser and when to use Estar.

When to use Estar
Used when you want to describe emotions, location, or temporary characteristics.

When to use Ser
Used when you want to describe permanent or relatively stable conditions like nationality, origin, physical characteristics, etc.

Conjugating Estar
Estar is an irregular verb, you have to memorize the different forms, and know when to differentiate between Ser and Estar ,the  following table shows the different form of conjugating Estar verb:

Spanish Word
English Meaning
Estar Forms
Yo estoy
I am
tú Estás 
You are
Él, ella o usted, está 
He or she is, or you are
Nosotros estamos
We are
Ellos, ellas o ustedes están
They or you all are

Estar or Ser
The usage of these two different verbs is dependent on several factors as mentioned above , for example, when you want to tell your location, you would say:
estoy en el banco == I am in the bank.

Note that estoy is the same like yo estoy, but it is understood from the meaning.
But suppose that you want to talk about a profession, you would use Ser as following:
 eres doctor == You are a doctor.

Following are two examples, to show the difference between using Ser and Estar:

Spanish Word
English Meaning
Estar Forms
Somos hombres de negocios
We are business men
Businessman is an occupation, permanent charactersits, we have to use Ser instead of Estar
tú Estás enojoda
You are angry
Temporary charachterstics, we have to use Estar instead of Ser